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July 21, 2010

Povitica is a traditional dessert nut roll recipe. It is a pastry made of sweet yeast dough and rolled out very thin, a amoxil nut paste is spread evenly on the dough and then rolled in a log and baked. For the filling you can use any type of nut, but the most common are pecan rolls or walnut rolls you can even make them with as poppy seed rolls.

This povitica bread recipe is commonly found during the holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is very time consuming to make, it definitely makes you look forward to the holidays. There are many other names for povitica bread, such as nut rolls or potica. This is a very delicious nut roll recipe that makes you look buy amoxil forward to the holidays.

There is an Italian bakery called Mauro Farms Bakery, they are located in Pueblo Colorado. They are known for their potica recipe, but also make many different Italian desserts such as lady Fingers, Fruit Breads, nut breads, Italian Cookies and much more. They deliver Nationwide so you do not even need to leave your house.

Please feel free to visit the official online bakery site at Mauro Farms Bakery. They have been using the same family recipe for decades. This bakery does not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives, so you want to eat it right away or freeze it until you are ready. my number one choice for getting a great povitica recipe any time.